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Creates innovative software that will transform the way organizations collaborate to create and share ideas.

MUPSBOX for Windows, and Linux* platform

Software to control a GROUP of routers MikroTik ROS. Opportunities: Backup, Traffic Counter, SYSLog, ProxyLyzer, HotSpot with SMS, GeoWiFi, GeoTracking, TrafficFlow and e.t.c

Free basic license: P0
Support and service
Easy management
It's Secured: offline work
Small price for module
Full documentation and video

HotSpot Access Registration for Windows, Android, and Linux* platform

Software to access the HotSpot system via Tickets or autonomous authorization via SMS for hotels, offices, cafes, etc.

No monthly fees
Windows Tickets and SMS
Local customer base
Android sms-service
For powerfull MikroTik ROS
Linux service*

MUPS Standart on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Software for the quick control firewall MikroTik ROS and other function from any mobile device.

Turn on/off VPN
Turn on/off internet for a local network
It's Smart and Easy
It's Secured
Default User PIN: 1111
Default Admin PIN: 22222

MTMS (MikroTik Mobile Survey) on Mobile , Tablet Android OS

Survey covering the wireless AP on ROS , Single AP, CapsMan, Roaming between CAP, save result for plan and analyzing results.

Single AP survey
cAPs survey
Roaming survey
Save results to ini files

IPCalc on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Free offline easy usage IP Calculator

TolNet Interactive Routing Training Software

Interactive Routing Training Software, theory, basic routing principles, prefix length, trace packet, distance, nexthope lookup and more...

MONOTIK Server Monitoring

coming soon