Manage all your routers and switchs devices from one location. CISCO, HUAWEI, MIKROTIK, HP, JUNIPER and other vendors. / MUPSBOX - Management, Backup, Syslog, Traffic Counter and more...

MUPS Standart

Software for the quick control firewall MikroTik ROS and other function from any mobile device.

MikroTik Mobile Survey

Survey covering the wireless AP on ROS , Single AP, CapsMan, Roaming between CAP, save result for plan and analyzing results.

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What We OfferSoftware

FREE / $35

Software to manage a group of routers and switchs. Vendors: Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, MikroTik, HP, Zyxel, D-Link, and others. Now it’s very easy to implement the following features: Automation BACKUP (configuration) in any format, by time and date, with a report on e-mail. Traffic counter, SYSLog, ProxyLyzer, HotSpot with SMS and ticket authorization, GeoWiFi, GeoTracking, TrafficFlow and e.t.c


MUPS Standart

Software for quick control of the MikroTik ROS firewall and other functions from any mobile device. The button on your mobile device solves many tasks: managing access to the Internet or to any resource, access to servers, running a script, and more.

Quick control ROS


Free offline easy-to-use IP calculator for Windows GUI and CLI, Linux CLI, MAC OS X and Android. To think over the logic and calculate the address space, check whether the IP address is public or private-now it's easy!


OROS (Operator RouterOS)

Software for delegating specific access rights to control Mikrotik ROS. If you need to set the operator a narrow circle of responsibilities for managing the router and at the same time not providing access to all ROS functions, as well as no creating an account (access to the router), now this is easy with ROS.

User Control


Interactive Routing Training Software, theory, basic routing principles, prefix length, trace packet, distance, nexthope lookup and more. It is used as an educational tool at trainings on ROS, but as for personal self-preparation.


MTMS (MikroTik Mobile Survey)

Survey covering the wireless AP on ROS , Single AP, CapsMan, Roaming between CAP, save result for plan and analyzing results.



We are a software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions, helping companies and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their management of a large number of network devices like as Cisco, Juniper, Dlink, MikroTik, HP, e.t.c.

WHAT'S NEW IN MUPSSOFTRead our latest news

New in MUPSBOX 1.4.15

New module 2FA. New vendors support. Syslog color notification, adoptation and fix...

New in MUPSBOX 1.4.9

Many new function. Backup module - new design interface, new functions, new vendors support. New GeoTrack for OpenWRT devices, ...

New in MUPSBOX 1.4.5

Adaptation for changes on the MikroTik website - due to RouterOS v7,...

New in MUPSBOX 1.4.1

Add new network vendors, send commands via ssh, ssh scan new devices,...

New in MUPSBOX 1.3.1

Backup service uses multithreading,different access rights ...

New in MUPSBOX 1.2.2

Now Firebird 3.0 x64 and 32bit base is supported. Base 2.5 support is discontinued.

New in MUPSBOX 1.1.51

In Backup add new module DIFF, then DIFF from Manual Job, Auto Report to E-mail if any router have change configuration

IPv6 support

We started adding IPv6 support in our software products. Now available in OROS.