HotSpot Access Registration

Guest access via HotSpot for Hotels, cafes, offices with autonomous SMS authorization.

HAR is a program for a powerful system MikroTik HotSpot -> user authorization. Ideal for hotels, offices, cafes and other places where Internet access is required via Web authorization (via HotSpot gateway) HAR supports various types of authorization - authorization via SMS, creating tickets with different rights and times ...
EOL - moved to the MUPSBOX module


Your guests can self-register via SMS. And this is not a third-party service, and your local for which there is no monthly payment. SMS authorization can use external gateways. Also, any Mikrotik router with the ability to connect with a USB modem can act as an SMS gateway. Any Android device with SIM operator card.


With HAR, your operator, hotel administrator or office manager can independently create users manually and issue guests tickets for Internet access for a certain time and with certain rights.

Local DB

The program HAR stores in the database the history of the creation, connection and disconnection of users of the Internet service. SQLite is on your XAR devices. No need for servers and their maintenance. Stored information: MAC, phone number, date, time, etc.

Android Service

Android SMS service allows you to introduce autonomous SMS authorization into your organization without using additional equipment (PC, Servers). Any device under the control of the Android operating system (phone or tablet) can be used for this servise with local storage of the Database.

Desktop Version

HAR Ticket authorization is installed on a personal computer running the Windows operating system. This authorization method is primarily convenient for hotels where guests come who do not have a SIM card from a local operator.


Based on the information collected in the Database, special reports can be compiled for further analysis.

Downloads and Documentation

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