MikroTik Mobile Survey

Survey covering the wireless AP on ROS , Single AP, CapsMan, Roaming between CAP, save result for plan and analyzing results.

Survey Cover

In the process of implementing a Wi-Fi project, there is a need to compare the calculations made by various programs with actual measurements. MTMS software is an ideal tool for accomplishing this task.

Roaming survey (CAPs Mode)

If you have implemented seamless roaming for Mikrotik with capsman as part of a Wi-Fi project and want to test it, MTMS software is the perfect solution. Moving between access points with a mobile device on which the program is installed, you can see the process of moving, with which signal level the client reconnects from point to point and with which sequence.

Save Result

Making measurements with the MTMS software, you can save all measurement parameters (measuring point, signal level), convert to a report and upload for analysis.

Downloads and Documentation

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