Manage your devices, group devices - Easy. Software to manage a group of routers and switchs. Vendors: Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, MikroTik, HP, Zyxel, D-Link, and others. Now it’s very easy to implement the following features: Automation BACKUP (configuration) in any format, by time and date, with a report on e-mail. Traffic counter, SYSLog, ProxyLyzer, HotSpot with SMS and ticket authorization, GeoWiFi, GeoTracking, TrafficFlow and e.t.c


The device function works simultaneously with the networking device group. The administrator can regularly check the devices for availability, the relevance of the operating system version and, if necessary, centralized update (some vendors). Simultaneously send commands to all devices or specific groups of devices (via API or SSH). Filter devices by any attribute (name or part of it, IP address) to view and create reports. All this is completely FREE.

Backup Configuration

Regular saving of router settings is the most important task of any system administrator. With the Mupsbox program, you can simultaneously build backups from all of your routers, as well as collected in specific groups. You can save the settings in whole or in part. Any modes are available: manual mode, automatic on schedule.
Backups with Mupsbox is simple, reliable, with reporting (e-mail, telegram, sms) and without SCRIPTS!

Config files DIFF

Is available the ability to compare changes in device configurations is available. Based on the change information, reports are generated and alerts are sent to the e-mail. You can quickly see what changes have taken place and on which router, which is important for security. The ability to synchronize settings between routers working in a cluster is available.


The configurator allows you to centrally configure all your routers or devices that are grouped into special groups. It is possible to load ready-made firewall configurations onto devices. Both basic and advanced firewall configurations are available. Ready configs are made by skilled experts in the field of safety. With the MupsBox configurator, you can be confident that your router and private networks are secure. It is possible to easily configure QoS functions, port forwarding, configure tunnels between routers. If you wish, you can upload your own configuration templates to devices.

Traffic counter

Provides information about traffic flow in your IP Networks. You can easily see which branch office most consumes Internet traffic, which user in the local network is the most active consumer of Internet traffic, or which resource is the most popular in terms of traffic consumption. Based on the collected data, it is possible to build reports for analysis.

Syslog Server

It provides the ability to capture important events (collect logs). Logging is the most important task of the system administrator. Analysis of reports will help to respond to events promptly and take the necessary measures. Greatly simplifies the work detailed search and convenient reports.

License and features

  • License modules:
  • Devices
  • Backup
  • Config
  • Traffic
  • SysLog
  • HotSpot
The software MUPSBOX consists of modules, each of which contains a certain number of licenses. In almost every module, part of the functionality is available for free (free licenses).

Depending on the number of routers you serve and on the tasks assigned to you, you can purchase one or another number of Licenses from any modules. Payment for the license is made one-time and does not require annual renewal. Regular payment is made only for license S1 and the technical support service.
Each module is licensed separately.
Function\License D0
Price FREE
Time License Unlim
Count Device Unlim
Group Unlim
Check and Invention
Upgrade ROS and FW
Send Command or rsc file
Manage ROS
Upgrade MupsBox
Function\License B0 B1 B2 BS BD
Price FREE $35 $70 B2($70) FREE*
Annual price - - - $35* -
Time License Unlim Unlim Unlim * 1 Year * 7 Days
Count Device 10 50 500 Unlim Unlim
Log and Report
FTP Backup
Folder Backup
Export Compact and Verbose
Path export
Diff (compare export) and Report
Synchronize Config and Report
Extended Support and New Version upgrade
Function\License C1 C2 CS
Price $35 not available not available
Time License Unlim Unlim * 1 Year
Count Device Unlim Unlim Unlim
Firewall Basic
Firewall Advanced (IPS1)
Firewall Advanced (IPS2)
Firewall Advanced (IPS3) (L7,ADL update)
DNAT Configurator
QoS Lite
QoS HTB Basic
QoS HTB Advanced
VPN Lite (PPP, Topology star)
DM VPN, Site-Site VPN with IPSec
IPSec Tunnel
Routing MultiWAN(Main,Backup,ECMP)
Routing MultiWAN(PBR,PCC)
Routing OSPF,BGP
Function\License T0 T1 T2 TS
Price FREE $35 $70 T2($70)
Annual price - - - $35*
Time License Unlim Unlim Unlim * 1 Year
Count Device 3 50 500 Unlim
Reporting period 1 Week 3 Month 1 Year Unlim
Export to csv
Function\License S0 S1 S2 SS
Price FREE $35 $70 S2($70)
Anual price - - - $35*
Time License Unlim Unlim Unlim * 1 Year
Count Device 1 50 500 Unlim
Reporting period 1 Week 3 Month 1 Year Unlim
Export to csv
Function\License H0 H1 H2 HS HD
Price FREE $35 $70 H2($70) FREE*
Annual price - - - $35* -
Time License Unlim Unlim Unlim * 1 Year * 7 Days
Count HP-Point 1 1 5 Unlim Unlim
HotSpot Template
Ticket auth 5 per day Unlim Unlim Unlim Unlim
SMS auth 5 per day Unlim Unlim Unlim Unlim
Social network
MAC access
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